Christians Have A Problem — It’s The Bible!

by Mike Edwards

I have harped on the Bible enough. I don’t hate that the Bible was written. I hate how the Bible is viewed thus used to mistreat others. It matters how you read ancient literature in the context of current relationships. I will be brief. You can see my railings HERE.

At least biblical scholars are questioning if the authors always depicted what God is truly like. Good thing! How the hell should we understand when reading God supposedly ordered killing boys and non-virgin women but sparing virgins (Num. 31:18)? Did God really expect young woman to watch their mothers, sisters, and brothers murdered by men who one day may expect marriage or sex? I’m not buying any rationalization. There is a better way to understand the Bible.

Some of these same scholars keep insisting though God inspired the Bible. They can’t let it go! They might suggest the Bible can be inspired but God accommodates less than perfect views written about God because humans can’t handle the truth. So, which passages reveal the real God? In my last post I suggested here which interpretation may be best.

The problem is that most think God inspired means God’s approval. No one can prove God controlled every word and the minds of the biblical writers/editors when they were portraying God. Anyway, the idea of an inspired Book has led down the slippery slope of implying one’s interpretation is inspired. Few admit their understanding of a passage may be wrong. This has led to mistreating gays, women, those with different beliefs, etc.

The Bible can be viewed as recorded experiences of beginnings with God and Israel culminating with the life of Jesus that we don’t possess in any other documents. Writings about God can keep us talking and reflecting what God is really like. God didn’t necessarily have in mind that recordings wouldn’t be questioned. Universal moral outrage and agreement on the golden rule hint a Creator expects us to consider our moral intuitions.

We have every right to question interpretations that suggest a Creator doesn’t love how we were seemingly created to love others. We must use our moral, loving sense.




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Done with Religion

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