Is God An Egotistical, Glory-Demanding Fanatic?

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3 min readJan 19, 2024

By Mike Edwards

A loving God can’t be egotistical or want it to be all about them. Perfect love doesn’t possess such qualities. It matters how you perceive God. If you are inclined to believe a Supreme Being may exist, what you think of God can determine the closeness of the relationship. The theme of many Christian praise songs seem to be that God expects your praise and demands your obedience rather than wishes for your love. God only wants for us the thing we really want for ourselves — that is to be a loving person toward others. God created to have a relationship, not be worshipped.

How can we know what God wants?

Many suggest we must turn toward the Bible to know what God is like. Many born today don’t have a Bible and the entire Bible didn’t exist as we know it until around the third century. We can know what God is like because it seems we have an idea of what a loving God should be like. The parent/child relationship comes to mind what perfect love must be like. Loving parents are other-directed not self-consumed. God may desire respect because they know they always have our best interest in mind. But parents and God are less concerned with their honor than desiring a relationship to encourage and empower.

What about the Bible though?

Hundreds of passages could be used to defend God’s desire for respect. Passages also suggest that God is more concerned with a desire for relationship than concerned with restoring their honor. Many religions today imply their god expects certain beliefs or face immediate extinction. Not the God of the Bible! And what kind of all-powerful God wants to be friends? Abraham (Jm. 2:23) and Moses (Ex. 33:11) are called God’s friend, and Jesus called the disciples His friends (Jn. 15:15). God is our Creator and Friend. We can use our moral intuitions of what a loving parental God wants. I believe a loving God desires more a chosen relationship than blind allegiance.

Why would an egotistical God give us freedom?

If God was so worried about their ego, God certainly would not have given us freedom. God staked their reputation in individuals and the nation of Israel in the beginning. God created us in their image so we might represent God to others. Why does the God of the Bible not interfere with evil in the world unless God isn’t controlling. Controlling love is an oxymoron. The ancient gods demanded sacrifice to satisfy the god’s thirst. Are we going to suggest the God of Creation is the same as the other gods? The Old Testament writers sought to convey differences than commonalities with the other gods.

What is parental or godly love?

Perfect parent and godly love are surely one in the same. What kind of parent wants to be alone in their glory? Jesus says in John 17:22 after speaking on fulfilling his mission with his disciples and then turning his attentions to all who believe: “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one.” We cannot be God, but we can strive to be like God. God surely doesn’t want to be feared as if that leads to inspiring relationships. God’s unforced desire for glory is no different than a loving parent’s desire for respect. Such respect can lead to what we deep down desire — loving others like we want to be loved.

Is God An Egotistical Glory Demanding Fanatic?

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