Prayer in School

It never was removed

Prayer in public school seems to be a popular topic among some Christian people. They will blame many problems on the issue of prayer in public schools being removed.

The fact of the matter is that prayer itself was never removed. Any person can pray in school. Prayer is talking to God directly and can be done silently.

A standardized prayer led by school staff has been taken out of public schools and well it should have been.

Another fact is that our public schools are not Christian schools. No set prayer can be established in public schools. There are many different faiths and beliefs within the public school system and no one religion should be above another.

In this regard, one of the goals of Christian Nationalism is to defund public schools and promote private Christian schools. They can then do what they want apart from government regulation, such as public prayer, teaching Christian principles, segregate the schools and exclude those who are LGBTQ

The thing is, if standardized prayer is put back in public schools, there will need to be a leader for not only a Christian prayer, but Muslim prayer, Hindu prayer and any other religions way of prayer. That is the only fair way of having standardized prayer in our public schools, although it would still be offensive to atheists and those who follow no religion.

If prayer by any and all religions actually happened in public schools, I can already hear all the complaints from the Christian world calling it unfair and against their rights. It seems that many Christian people think Christianity is the only viable way of life and no one else should have a say.



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Done with Religion

Done with Religion

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